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Mammogram Services

Women’s Wellness Center proudly offers  the latest in mammography. 3D mammography has been clinically shown to find 20 to 65 percent more invasive breast cancers than 2D mammography alone.  The top  benefit of 3D mammography is early cancer detection. 3D mammography detects cancer  earlier and is able to detect smaller abnormalities which may go unnoticed on a 2D mammogram.  

3D mammography is beneficial for first time mammograms, for those whose previous test results weren’t clear, and for those whose breast tissue is considered dense.During a 3D mammogram, the machine does a sweeping motion across the breast and takes 1mm image slices of the tissue, which breaks the tissue down so that you can see through it better than you could before. These slices allow the radiologist to view each individual layer of the breast. By looking at each layer individually, the radiologist can detect abnormalities that could be hidden by overlying tissue in a 2D exam.