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Ultrasound Services

Women’s Wellness Center proudly offers a professionally staffed and credentialed imaging department with over 50 years of combined radiology experience. 

Patients are familiar with ultrasound as a tool for expectant parents to get to know their little ones before  birth. During pregnancy, your healthcare provider will perform a pelvic ultrasound, as well as a 3D/4D ultrasound during  your pregnancy.

Ultrasound is also useful for many gynecologic conditions.  Not only does ultrasound help diagnose and manage obstetrical conditions, it is also a highly useful tool in discerning benign from malignant gynecologic conditions, evaluating infertility, pelvic pain, and urogynecologic problems.  The cost is a fraction of MRI and CT Scans and involves no  radiation exposure.

We offer ultrasound services allowing convenient, rapid evaluation and follow up for our patients through all the phases of her life.