Our Wellness Services

At Women’s Wellness Center, we provide comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological care to patients in Fayetteville. Explore our services below and call to schedule your appointment today!

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Obstetrical Care

Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that deals with pregnancy and giving birth. Most women have uneventful pregnancies with no complications. It is after all a natural physiological event, but part of obstetric care is to try to identify and prevent problems occurring during pregnancy and labor that could otherwise affect the health of the… Read more »
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Women’s Wellness Center proudly offers a professionally staffed and credentialed imaging department with over 50 years of combined radiology experience. During pregnancy, your healthcare provider will perform a pelvic ultrasound, as well as a 3D/4D ultrasound during later stages of your pregnancy.
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Our healthcare clinicians provide compassionate gynecologic care for patients in all stages of life. From your annual well woman exam to contraception, menopause, and so much more, we identify and treat a variety of health concerns.
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Bone Density-Dexa

Bone Density-DEXA is a bone density scan that allows your healthcare provider to monitor your bone health. With a DEXA scan, we are able to assess your risk of osteoporosis. The scan is recommended for women age 65 and over, although your doctor may recommend one before age 65 if you are at higher risk… Read more »
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3D Mammogram

3D mammograms create 3D images as well as traditional 2D mammograms. This creates a more complete picture of breast health, allowing your healthcare provider to detect cancers earlier and more accurately, especially in patients with dense breast tissue. 3D mammograms also reduce the need for additional imaging, saving you precious time.
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Laboratory Services

For your convenience, Women’s Wellness Center provides on-site laboratory services. This allows us to provide test results faster, so any necessary treatment can begin as soon as possible. From urine pregnancy testing to prenatal labs, and labs unrelated to pregnancy, we provide a variety of in-house laboratory tests for all patients.